Thursday, January 1, 2009

Something to think about.

By July 20, 1944...

There were 15 attempts on Adolf Hitler's life from his own troops.

Nearly 5,000 people were executed attempting to end his reign of terror from the inside.

January 1, 2009...

Conservative reports (requiring two official reports of death) place the Iraqi civilian death toll at 98,000 innocents. Other estimates, most likely far more accurate, place the death toll between 733,000 and 1,446,000 civilian casualties.

The individuals within the Iraqi Ministry of Health attempting to discover and publish the true death toll have been threatened under penalty of death not to publish their information. The director of the Baghdad morgue has fled the country as a result.

Even the most conservative estimates place the killing rate at 120 per day. This number is double the number killed in Saddam Hussein's last two years in power.

So now I ask you, how many of you were willing to pay the ultimate price, as 5,000 brave Germans were in 1944, for what is right?

How many of you were willing to pay any price?

The true horror of Hitler's reign was not in the sick and intelligent lunacy of one man, it was in the many thousands who were unwilling to fight against it. Too few were.

Now how many of us are guilty of the same?


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