Saturday, December 27, 2008


I walked along the dew misted grass. The soft rain that fell was like a gentle breeze, gifted by mist. the soft ground beneath my feat gently gave way where i laid my steps. it was warm but the water blowing on the breeze was just far away enough from comfortable...the ground too wet to enjoy.

and yet, it was perfect

later, i lie on the dimpled asphalt, looking up into the cloud covered night. I could see only the brightest stars, the planets which shone their light to me best. the dark was encompassing and the silence oppressive

and yet, it was perfect

within every moment i saw the beauty of that existence, with every second I could count the joy. truly nothing is perfect, for nothing ever can be, but within that is every mistake, in every problem, in every miscalculation there is a room for improvement...when we cease to have that...we have nothing at all. our entire existence is based upon solving problems, upon bettering ourselves and those around us. assuredly my life is imperfect in so many different ways and yet,

it is completely perfect.

for every problem I have faced, my armor has become stronger, my wit sharper, and my compassion wider, and for every problem I face or will face it is not a chance to stumble or fall...although those a certainly a possibility...each problem is an opportunity, a chance to become greater than I was before.

I looked up into the clouded night, I lie on the only spot not still covered by the wet of the day. The stars were beautiful, all of them, and those that shone through the clouds touched my heart.

for a moment, I could see the entire universe

and the perfection it contained.

I regret no choices, I begrudge no situation, for every one has been absolutely perfect.


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